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Wife, Mom, Author, Educator, Speaker

Through her knowledge and experience, she guides people towards their goals while staying true to themselves.

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Let Son Shine Enter Your Life

Seek motivation and encouragement through the works of Airreia Pierce in Greensboro, North Carolina. She offers inspirational books, coaching sessions, and other related services. Through her knowledge and experience, she guides people towards their goals while staying true to themselves and helping to point people back to a relationship with Jesus Christ..

Her work is a reminder that we all deserve love and care in our lives. Every day is worth waking up to, and you are never alone in your journey.

Mission Statement 

She will provide encouragement and hope to women, teens, and children to experience wholeness and healing through faith, family, and education.


Airreia is a strong advocate for women, teens, and children for healthy sexual integrity, purity, fertility issues, identity, and literacy with a Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies: Birth-Kindergarten education from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is currently a Doctoral student at Walden University studying Reading, Literacy, and assessment.

Airreia spent a year under the mentorship of million-copy best-selling author and speaker Shannon Ethridge and best-selling author Alicia Clinton, CEO of Destined for Success and host of Alicia Clinton Live Radio show.

Airreia is a gentle, soft-spoken, and sweet woman who is sensitive to the hearts of others with a pure heart for God. She has a reason to smile because the joy of the Lord is her strength.

Behind her smile the Lord has held her precious hand through many dark storms—battles of insecurity, depression, low self-esteem and identity issues, rejection, verbal abuse, evictions, homelessness, poverty, divorce of parents, heartbreak, grief,

fornication, addictions, fear, family brokenness, suicidal thoughts, infertility/miscarriages, and barriers in emotional healing, spiritual intimacy, and physical development.

The Lord has preserved her through the storms of life to testify of His great power, redemption, and unconditional love. She strongly believes that she overcomes by the word of testimony and the blood of the lamb (Revelations 12:11).

Airreia is an entrepreneur and is a co-owner with her husband of SonShine Embrace Learning Center, founded to help embrace children’s God-Given talents for future success! God has given her faith to believe that if she would obey Him at each step, He would take care of the rest.

As the Bible says, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” It was obedience that made her leave her interior design major for the education major in which God revealed His plan to teach His little children. She is a first-generation student who was able to graduate from both undergraduate and graduate school debt-free.

It was also obedience that made her refrain from fornication and seek deliverance through Jesus Christ. This decision enabled her to encourage others to also live a life of purity in mind, body, soul, and speech.

Obedience also led her to leave her boyfriend, to later meet her husband. Airreia is a modern-day Harriet Tubman, leading others from darkness and brokenness towards the light, Jesus Christ, to experience deliverance and wholeness.

She believes she is an ordinary lady used by God to do extraordinary. Her joy in life comes from seeing how God can use her to help others through teaching, writing, or speaking.

She is amazed at how God’s unconditional love has been poured out to her and she wants to be a vessel of His love to others. No past is too messed up that Christ can not repair. God is the true potter and we are the clay that He uses to mold, shape, refine, and define into His liking.

Airreia continues to see herself on the Potter’s wheel. She offers encouragement to others that “He who started a good work will see it completed until the day of Jesus Christ!” (Philippians 1:6). In addition to her passion for teaching, her other passions include writing, reading, and painting.

She also enjoys her role as a wife to her husband Sam and as a joyful mother to her children. Above all, she deeply expresses that her growing intimate and personal relationship with Christ is the best achievement in life.

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